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About Article Rewriter Tool

The Article Rewriter is a tool that does just that – it rewrites your articles for you! It is a simple easy-to-use online application that you can use to reword either a few sentences or rewrite the whole article itself. It does this by using synonyms (words with same or similar meaning) to replace the original text. Synonyms are built into the Article Rewriter and range anywhere between four lakhs to five lakh words! This huge library of unique words comes handy when text has to be replaced without changing its meaning.

How the Article Rewriter Tool Works

The Article Rewriter consists of a simple textbox and a Submit button which activates the tool. All you need to do is copy-paste the content into the textbox, and click Submit. The Article Rewriter scans the content and replaces words with synonyms wherever possible. The resulting article is then displayed on screen. You will see that the word or phrase that has been replaced is highlighted in bold or using a different color or both. It is possible to modify the changes by reverting to the original word or replacing the changes with newer synonyms.

Uses of Article Rewriter Toos

The primary reason people use the Article Rewriter is to remove plagiarism. Since the tool uses different words to showcase the same meaning, any duplicate sentences that the Plagiarism Checker detects can be changed easily. Removing plagiarized text from a given piece of content will in turn boost the site’s SEO rankings on Google and other search engines.

Another reason people use the Article Rewriter is to beautify a piece of plain or ordinary content. If used properly, the tool can make content more creative and descriptive by using the correct blend of synonyms. In cases where the Article Rewriter is used to create a completely new article, it is also referred to as an Article Spinner.

There are, however, some tips you must use to get the full benefit of the Article Rewriter. First of all, it is important to remember that though the Article Rewriter is a wonderful tool, it is after all just a software, and hence capable of making mistakes. Therefore, you must physically read the article after it has been rewritten to make sure that there are no grammatical errors and no word has been wrongly replaced.

Secondly, it is advisable to use an article of good quality so that the recorded result is also of equally good quality if not better. If the original article itself has grammatical and syntax errors, there is no way that the result will be good.

The third and most important point to remember is to run the final article through the Plagiarism Checker. This is just for you to be sure that the rewritten content is not already present somewhere else on the World Wide Web.

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