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About Blacklist Lookup

About the Tool

As the name suggests, the Blacklist Lookup tool checks whether or not your IP address is in the list of blacklisted sites. Blacklisting of a site not only leads to the site not being visible on the World Wide Web, but also blocked forum chats and emails to and from your email ID. Blacklisting of your website is the last thing you would want for your business, be it e-commerce-based or information related.

For any doubts about the blacklist status of your website, you can use the Blacklist Lookup tool.

How the Tool Works

In the Blacklist Lookup tool, all you need to do is enter the URL of your website and click the Submit button. It takes some time, but the tool thoroughly analyses a range of SPAM database servers to know the status of your site. If all of these servers project a green “Not Listed” status, then all is well. The overall status would then read “Listed” which means the IP is listed on normal servers.


The Blacklist Lookup tool is a handy method to quickly whether your website is clear of the blacklisted sites. If it has fallen into this list, you must take immediate steps to reverse your listing to ensure continued business and communication with your consumer base.