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About Broken Links Finder

About the Tool

A broken link is just that – a link that does not work. The reasons why this happens could be many. The link might not be configured properly, or the website that it points to is no longer available. Webmasters must always be on the lookout for broken links as they will sooner or later prevent search engines from indexing their website. This is where the Broken Links Checker tool can help.

How the Tool Works

The Broken Links Checker tool consists of a field wherein you can enter the URL of your website. On clicking Submit, the tool runs through the contents of the URL and displays the status code and status of the links on each webpage. If the status of all links, both internal and external, is displayed as “Okay” then there is nothing to worry about.


The Broken Links Checker tool is a must-use tool to diagnose the health of the links on your website. It is best used on a regular basis especially on links pointing to external websites. If left unchecked, a broken link could rapidly destroy your search engine ranking without you even knowing it!

Free Broken Links Finder tool to check URL for broken links, those prevent search engines from indexing your website links.

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