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About Class C Ip Checker

About the Tool

Websites are assigned IP addresses from Class A, Class B or Class C. These classes are of different sizes and numbers, with Class A being the largest but fewer in number compared to Class C which is the smallest but numerous. Class C can host 254 computers with a fixed initial byte, network bits and host bits. When hosting multiple sites, it is always better not to do soon the same Class C IP range. Sharing an IP address with other sites, either your own or belonging to different webmasters can fatally damage your page rank and SEO. As has also been discussed for the Domain Into IP tool, if even one website on your Class C IP address is blacklisted or blocked by any search engine for any reason, all other websites, including yours, will also suffer the same fate. The Class C IP Checker tool can easily tell you whether or not you are sharing your Class C IP with another website.

How the Tool Works

The Class C IP Checker tool consists of an editable text pane and a ‘Submit’ button. Enter at least two and up to 40 domain addresses in the text pane. On clicking Submit, the tool computes and displays the Class C IP address of all the domains entered. You can then check whether or not the IP of each domain is unique.


Use of the Class C IP Checker is mandatory for the long-term sustainability of your website. On no account should the IP address of any other website match yours. Frequent checks would go a long way in ensuring that your website is safe from becoming blacklisted or blocked for no fault of yours.