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About the Tool

AOL’s Dmoz is short for As the URL suggests, Dmoz is the largest website directory system in the world with over 4 milion listings to date. Why is it different from other directories such as the WhoIs domain? The answer is that unlike WhoIs, which is an automated database, Dmoz is a human-built directory. That is to say, real people physically sit and review each listing that is entered as for consideration into the Dmoz directory listing. These editors physically visit each site and check for compliance to Internet Policies and give the green signal on where and how it should be listed. Dmoz also provides a backlink to the submitted URL if the site meets all parameters laid down by the editors. What’s more, Google too makes use of Dmoz listings when it comes to listing a website in its own directory.

How the Tool Works

The Dmoz Listing Checker consists of a editable text pane where you can enter up to 100 URLs. On Submit, the tool analyses each URL and displays whether or not they have a Dmoz listing.


Though getting a URL into the Dmoz directory listing could take anywhere from a few weeks to many years, it has its advantages. Since Dmoz listings are human-edited, they have far greater relevance than listings in computerised database directories.

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