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About Domain Age Checker

The Domain Age Checker is a simple tool that tells the webmaster how old the domain is. It was thought for a long time that old domains had an advantage over new ones in search result listings. But Google experts themselves have stated this belief to be false. Good SEO optimised content with strong internal and external links carry more weight than the age of the domain itself.

How the Domain Age Checker​ Tool Works

To check domain age, simply enter the URL of the website into the Domain Age Checker tool and click the “Get Domain Age” button. The results not only display the domain age to the nearest day (for example 2 years 360 days), but also the dates on which the domain was created, updated and will expire.

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Domain Age Checker​ Uses

The Domain Age Checker tool is more of an informational tool. Since you can use it to find out the date of expiry of the website, you can make arrangements to renew the website. The dates of updation and creation can also help you take some important business decision. For example, you can plan out when next to schedule an update to your website.