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Every website has an Internet Protocol or IP address associated with it. An IP address consists of a four blocks of numbers separated by periods or dots. For example: The range of each number block falls between 0 and 255. To be stable and reliable, the IP address of a website must be unique. Ideally, no other website should share this number as it would lead to instability of not one but all websites associated with that IP. Moreover, if even one of such a shared website were to get blacklisted or blocked, so would the others for no fault of theirs.

 How the Tool Works

The Domain Into IP tool converts a domain name into an IP address. All you need to do is enter the URL into the field and click Submit. The tool gives you the IP address for that domain along with the country name and ISP on which it is registered.


The IP address that you get from the Domain Into IP tool help you find out if there are other domains registered on that IP through a search engine query.

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