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About the Tool

Emails have been a quick efficient way of communicating online since the late 90s. As a business owner or service provider, almost every online entity on the planet – be it an individual or an organisation – has an email address. Suppose you wish to get in touch with a particular organisation, you have two options. You could visit the website and get the organisation’s contact information from there. But let’s suppose the website lacks this information. Then, you could use the Email Privacy tool to get access to it.

How the Tool Works

The Email Privacy tool consists of a single field and a “Submit” button. Enter the URL of the website you want the email address for. On “Submit”, the results display the status and email address(es) of the webmaster. In some cases, the status will mention “No Email Found!” This does not mean that there is no email address linked to that particular site, but only that it has been encrypted for security purposes.


Though the Email Privacy tool proves useful in getting access to a company’s email address, it is a double-edged sword. The tool can be used by spammers maliciously to dump unsolicited mail into it. An encrypted email system is known to prevent harmful spam-filled email and go one step further by securing the system from viruses and malware. The final say, of course, is of the webmaster, whether he wants his email address to remain public or private.