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About the Tool

What a phone book is to a telephone, a Domain Name System or DNS server is to the internet. In other words, the DNS server is a storehouse of domain names which get translated into Internet Protocol (IP) addresses everytime somebody wants to access a particular website. This translation is aided by DNS records. They are mapping files that tell the server which IP address corresponds to which domain on the World Wide Web.

Though DNS records might seem very technical and hard for a layman to understand, they are of prime importance to server administrators. The Find DNS Records tool can help them get an insight into the DNS technicalities of any given website URL.

How the Tool Works

The Find DNS Records tool only requires you to enter the URL of your website and click “Submit”. The tool then pulls out information from the DNS server which includes the name of the host (website), Class, TTL, Type and IP address.


Besides helping server administrators find what the DNS record holds, the Find DNS Records tool also helps them verify any important changes made to these records.