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About Get Source Code of Webpage

About the Tool

Source code refers to code written in programming language which executes certain commands for a particular end purpose. Source codes exist for web pages as well, which could be in HTML, Java, and so on. The Get Source Code of Website tool can be used to view the code or programme in which the website was created.

How the Tool Works

The Get Source Code of Website consists of a single field which captures the URL of the website. On clicking the Submit button, the source code of the entire website is displayed in an editable text pane. Here you can view the page source line by line and even modify the code. You can then upload the modified source code back to the URL using the Submit button below the text pane.


The Get Source Code of Website tool provides a lot of convenience to the website designer and programmer as it facilitates easy viewing and modification to the HTML or Java code and the ability to instantly view the changes without any hassle.