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About Google Cache Checker

About the Tool

Google Cache is the copy or snapshot of a webpage that Google stores as backup. Google uses this cached website version to determine whether or not a page matches a search query. The cached version is also useful if a person is unable to view the original page due to heavy internet traffic or a website that is down, slow or has been removed.  The Google Cache Checker offered on simulates Google cache by presenting the most recent cached copy of a webpage.

How the Tool Works

The Google Cache Checker tool consists of an editable text pane and a “Submit” button. Use the text pane to enter up to 20 URLs for which you want to view the latest cached version from Google. On clicking Submit, the tool presents the cache status of each URL. If a cached version is present, it is displayed in the date and time format. If there is no cached information, then a “Not Cached” message appears.


The Google Cache Checker tool helps webmasters keep track of cached versions of their websites and even whether or not a cached copy is available for viewers to go to in case a particular webpage is not functioning properly.