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About Google Index Checker

About the Tool

Google index is a cataloguing system similar to that of a library or a book. Just as a catalogue is a list of all the books available in the library and a book index is a list of all chapters in a book, similarly Google index is a list of all the web pages on a website. Everytime you modify a web page on your site or add a new page to it, web crawlers from Google visit and index these updates into the index.

To know how many pages or websites Google has indexed, webmasters use the Google Index Checker tool.

How the Tool Works

The Google Index Checker tool consists of a single URL and a Submit button. Enter the URL of your website in the field. On Submit, the tool computes whether or not the site has been indexed and if yes, how many pages of it have been indexed.

Google index page checker‚Äč Uses

This Google indexing tool is helpful in knowing whether or not a site that has been submitted to Google has been indexed. The webmaster can also know how many pages, if any, have been indexed. Based on this data, further digital marketing strategies can then be implemented.

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