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About Grammar Checker

About the Grammar Checker ​Tool

The Grammar Checker and Spell Checker tools almost always go hand in hand. Just like the Spell Checker is used to identify and correct spelling errors in a piece of content, similarly the Grammar Checker identifies and helps you correct grammatical errors, for free. Sentences that are built grammatically correct do wonders to the popularity of your website. Such websites also look more professional than those that simply spend time, energy and money in only making the site visually appealing.

How the Grammar Checker ​Tool Works

The Grammar Checker tool consists of a panel where you need to copy-paste the content you want checked. On clicking the “Check Grammar” button, the tool immediately highlights any sentences that are grammatically incorrect is immediately highlighted. What’s more, the tool identifies spelling errors as well! So, in short a single tool acts as both spelling and grammar checker! The errors can be corrected by clicking the highlighted text and choosing the correct suggestion from the drop down list. You can even choose to ignore the suggestions from the same drop down list.

Grammar Checker ​ Uses

The Grammar Checker is not confined to just online use. It can be used for proofing and editing technical papers, students’ reports and various other types of documents.

Grammar Checker instantly helps you write better English and efficiently corrects texts. It check grammatical,spelling,and punctuation mistakes in your text