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About Keyword Density Checker

About Keyword Density Checker Tool

The Keyword Density Checker is a keyword analysis tool that measures the number of keywords in a given piece of website content. “Keyword” is a term that is referred to widely when searching for content on the World Wide Web through Google, Yahoo, Bing and similar search engines. It could be a single word or a string of two or more words that is typed into a search engine’s search box. Search engines recognise words or phrases as keywords based upon their frequency or density in the website content. Keyword density is expressed as a percentage of the number of times the keyword appears with respect to the total number of words on a particular page. The optimum keyword density is considered to be 1% to 3%, based on which search engines display links to websites.

How the Tool Works

The Keyword Density tool consists of a single field, which captures the URL of the website whose keyword density you want to check. On entering the URL and clicking the Submit button, the tool displays a list of words and word strings in descending order –from highest to lowest density. The total number of words on that webpage is also displayed. If the highest keyword density is between 1% and 3%, it means you have intelligently optimised your website for search engines and therefore have a high chance of being displayed in search result pages.


The Keyword Density Checker tells you if your website content is under-optimised or over-optimised with keywords. If you under-optimise your website content, search engine web crawlers will fail to recognise them and as a result skip your website when displaying search results. Conversely, if you over-optimise, search engines will treat it as spamming, again overriding your webpage when displaying search results. Therefore, it is best to stick to the healthy keyword density of 1% to 3%.

Moreover, ultimately, nothing attracts traffic more sincerely than good content. Therefore, at no cost, should your aim for keyword density compromise with the quality of your website content. That is to say, you may have used some really high-ranking keywords and even maintained their density in your website content, but if the overall quality of your website is poor, a visitor might not wish to browse through it or come back to it again.