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About Keyword Position Checker

When building a website, everyone aims for it to be listed at the first position of the search engine results pages, or at least somewhere on the first page. To achieve this aim, website content developers use something called ‘keywords’, which help in Search Engine Optimisation for websites. Keywords are single or long strings of words that describe the core essence of a particular webpage or the website as a whole. The more accurate or popular a keyword is, the better are the chances that the website will rank highly in search results of Google, Yahoo, Bing and so on.

How the Keyword Positon Checker Tool Works ?

To determine which keywords are more popular than others, the Google Sarch Ranking Checker can help you out. This is a free tool which accepts the keywords of your choice and checks its ranking on Google and Yahoo. The tool consists of a field where you can enter the domain name or URL of your website and a textbox where you can list the keyword strings of your choice, one below the other. Next, set the number of positions for which you want to check the popularity of the keyword, by selecting a number from the dropdown list. The minimum position is 50 and maximum is 500. Then, all you have to do is click the ‘Find Keyword Position’ button.

 While you sit back and watch the tool do its work, the Keyword Position Checker is actually scanning pages and pages of search engine results to find the keyword string you have entered. It tries to locate the position of your domain name on these pages. The results are displayed anywhere between a few seconds to one or two minutes, depending upon how many pages it has to search and how quickly it finds the keyword. For example, if you have entered a popular keyword, regardless of the number of positions you have set, the result might be displayed within a matter of seconds. You will see it as a green highlight, which indicates that your website was found on the first page itself! However, conversely, if you have entered a keyword with low ranking and set the number of positions to be checked at 300 or 400, you might have to wait it out. And at the end of it, your URL might not even show up.

Keyword Position Rank Checker Uses:

You can use the Keyword Position Checker to get value out of the results. For example, depending upon the results, you can choose your keywords more carefully, making them more specific using longer keyword strings. You can even opt for a few but the best keywords rather than many but medium-ranking keywords to boost your website.

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