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About Link Analyzer

About the Link Analyzer Tool

The Link Analyzer is a tool vital to the Search Engine Optimisation strategy of your website. The purpose of this tool is to identify and list anchor text, inbound and outbound links as well as internal links between pages of the website in question.

How the Link Analyzer Tool Works

The Link Analyzer tool consists of a single field which captures the URL of your webpage. Only one URL can be entered at a time. On clicking “Submit”, the tool analyzes all the links on that page and displays a broad statistical data of the various types of links, namely total links, internal links, external links and nofollow links for the website.

Apart from the general overview of link data, the Link Analyzer also presents a detailed report of internal links and external links present on the website. The reports of both types of links contain the URL of each webpage along with their dofollow or nofollow status.

Link Analyzer Uses

Since the job of the Link Analyzer is to identify different links to and from the website, the tool can be successfully used to identify, remove or repair even hidden links, spam link, dead links and links that lead to 404 errors.

You can also use the Link Analyzer to evaluate the link structure of your competitor’s website and learn how to restructure links on your own website in order to bring more focus to important webpages. You can thus improve your website’s ranking on search result pages.

The Link Analyzer lets you compare the number of inbound and backlinks with those of your competitors. This gives you the opportunity to level up or increase your own inbound and backlink count and thus boost traffic to your website. You can also try to acquire links that are unique to you and your competitors do not have.Free Link Analyzer-External and Internal Link Analyzer your website.

All in all, the thorough analysis done by the Link Analyzer serves its purpose if you can use the information to perform SEO analysis, optimize your website and improve its ranking on search engine results.