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About Link Price Calculator

About the Tool

The Link Price Calculator tool is a cost estimator of the amount to be charged or paid for a text ad on a given URL. This is usually a monthly charge but can also be bi-weekly depending upon who the vendor is. The link price is always calculated only for a single link on a given web page. For several links, the total price should be divided.

How the Tool Works

To use the Link Price Calculator tool to calculate the cost of your link, enter the URL of one up to 100 URLs in the editable text pane. On clicking the Submit button, the tool calculates the approximate price of the link in dollars for that URL. In calculating link price, the tool takes into consideration several SEO factors such as number of internal and external links, Alexa and Google Page Rank, website age and so on.


The Link Price Calculator can be used to assess the cost of links on a given URL and hence generate revenue by buying and selling text ads.