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About Online Md5 Generator

About the Tool

Message Digest or MD5 is an algorithm for data verification. It creates a 128-bit code or fingerprint from a string of characters of no specific length. MD5 is commonly used to store sensitive data such as passwords, debit card and credit card numbers, sensitive database figures and so on. The output of an MD5 algorithm will always be the same for the same input. The MD5 fingerprint cannot be used to extract the original string that was entered. The MD5 generator can easily create these 128-bit fingerprints for you.

How the Tool Works

The online MD5 encryption tool consists of an editable text pane, which captures any data or text that you want to enter. On clicking the Submit button, the MD5 generator creates a MD5 code which can then be used for encryption.


The most obvious use of the MD5 generator is to encrypt sensitive data and safeguard it from illegal or fraudulent use.