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About Page Size Checker

About the Tool

The Page Size Checker tool checks your website size and is directly related to the website Page Speed Checker tool. This is because the larger the size of your web page, the slower your page speed and vice versa.

How the Tool Works

To use the Page Size Checker tool, enter the URL of the web page of your choice and click Submit. The tool computes and displays the page size in bytes and kilobytes.

Page Size Checker Uses

The Page Size Checker tool though not much to look at, is an important SEO tool which plays a big role in user retention, generating revisits and building customer base. The faster your web page loads, the more likely is the user to wait and browse through your site than a web page that takes several seconds to load. Of course, there are several other factors that aid user retention such as feasibility of products and services, quality of content and so on. But those come further down the list after the user has had a chance to first see what your website offers.