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About Page Speed Checker

About the Tool

The page speed of a website is the measurement of the time the page takes to fully display its contents. Page speed is also referred to as the time taken by the browser to receive its first byte of information from web servers. Ideally, when a person enters the URL of a website or clicks on the website link, he should be able to view it immediately, within approximately 4 to 5 seconds. There should not be too much waiting time. If you are the owner of a website that sells products or services, for example, the faster your webpage opens, the better it is for you. Considering the almost nil attention span that online visitors have, a fast page speed will definitely bear results. There are better chances that your visitor will browse through your website, turning him into a customer. Conversely, if the page load takes a long time, he will quickly lose patience and leave or “bounce” back. A faster loading webpage ensures that the bounce rate is very minimal, which leads to higher ranking in search results.

How can you measure the exact time your webpage takes to load? How can you ensure that the page is loading fast enough to retain visitors to your website? This is possible using the Page Speed Checker tool.

How the Page Speed Checker Tool Works

The Page Speed Checker consists of a single field in which you need to enter the URL of your website and then click the Submit button. The tool quickly captures the different page load times of all the website components and displays the results. Results include the overall page load time of the webpage as well as individual CSS links, image links, script links, resource links and so on. If high page load times displayed, you can modify the various elements on your page to decrease this time.

Page Speed Checker Uses

Some of the common mistakes people commit when building their web pages is to have too many “heavy” elements. These include videos, graphics with heavy file size, custom fonts, flash animations, JavaScript effects, and so on. All these web elements invariably slow down the page speed of a website. Once the Page Speed Checker tool has measured and identified which pages have a slow load time, you can rethink the use of these elements. Perhaps, for example, you could reduce the length of a very long video clip, or use a more web-friendly font that does not need pre-downloading.

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