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About Reverse IP Domain Checker

About the Tool

Briefly put, the Reverse IP Domain tool checks the number of websites hosted on a given web server. Knowing how many and what kind of websites are being hosted on the server is very important for the survival and sustenance of your own website as well as the kind of digital marketing strategies you plan to implement. Therefore, the Reverse IP Domain tool must be run before you decide upon the SEO techniques that are best for your website.

How the Tool Works

To use the Reverse IP Domain tool, simply enter the URL of your website and click Submit. The tool searches for all sites the web server hosts. It also analyses data from search engines; however this data might not be fool proof. The tool then displays the IP of the URL in question and a list of all domains hosted on the same IP hosted.

Sharing IP addresses is not uncommon. In fact, it is a rampant practice because of its convenience and lower costs involved in domain placements.


The Reverse IP Domain checker is a must-use tool when it comes to implementing digital marketing strategies. Depending upon the nature and range of domains being shared on a single web server, search engines might sometimes point to a different domain in response to a search query. This behaviour could affect the page rank of your domain. By knowing the list of domain names hosted on the server, webmasters can also get an idea of the kind of content present on them. This content should not be questionable or objectionable. If such content leads to those sites getting blacklisted or blocked, your own domain too might suffer similar consequences!