Server Status Checker

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About Server Status Checker

About the Tool

Every website on the World Wide Web has a status – offline or online. An offline status denotes that the website is down; an online status conveys the opposite. The Server Status Checker tool checks this website status and displays the results for further analysis.

How the Tool Works

To use the Server Status Checker tool, enter anywhere from 1 up to 100 URLs into the editable text pane and click Submit. The tool checks the server status of all URLs entered and presents the results as either offline or online. The results also include the HTTP Code of the website(s) and the Response Time of each.


The HTTP Code, Response Time and Status of a given URL obtained using the Server Status Checker tool can become the basis for further search engine optimisation techniques. A high website response time would indicate slower page load times, leading to lost customers. An offline status would mean your website is not visible to the viewer and corrective steps can then be taken to make it online again.