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About Spell Checker

About the Tool

As the name suggests, the Spell Checker tool lets you check the spelling of a piece of content online, for free. It is similar to the Spell Check feature present in text-editing software installed in computers such as Microsoft Word. Checking content for spelling errors is vital to the quality quotient of your website. The site could be beautifully designed with the latest programming technology and user interface. But even a few misspelt words could waste all that hard work in a matter of seconds. A beautiful design might attract the user to your website, but it is quality content that glues him to it.

How the Tool Works

The Spell Checker tool consists of a pane within which you can paste the content you want checked. Then, simply click the “Check Spelling” button. Any word or words with spelling errors will be highlighted in yellow. You can easily correct any spelling errors by clicking the highlighted word and selecting the correct spelling from the drop down list. In case the tool highlights the name of a person as a spelling error, you can even choose to ignore it from the same drop down list.


The Spell Checker is very valuable for checking all types of content, especially if you get it done on a regular basis, in large quantities and from an external source.

The Spelling Checker tool is available free. Simply Paste your text below in the box to find and correct writing mistakes.

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