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About URL Encoder / Decoder

About the Tool

URL encoding is the process of converting characters into a format that is viable for transmission over the internet. Basically, strings of text are converted into URL formats.  In these URL formats, only alphanumeric and a few special characters are allowed; all other characters must be encoded so that they do not interfere with scripting languages. The <space> character is the most commonly encoded character and takes on the form of a “+” sign. Similarly a “#” character must also be encoded because it is also used in HTML scripting. The URL Encoder/ Decoder tool is used for the purposes of encoding strings of text.

How the Tool Works

The URL Encoder /Decoder tool consists of an editable text pane that captures text strings that need to be encoded. After entering the string, click the Submit button. The string with all its alphanumeric and special characters are immediately encoded.


The purpose of encoding URLs using the URL Encoder /Decoder tool is to define special or unsafe characters correctly so that their meaning is not misinterpreted.