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About URL Rewriting Tool

The URL Rewriting tool works only on dynamic URLs basically to convert them into short static ones.

A dynamic URL is one which points to a database or script-driven website. Dynamic URLs also change depending upon the type of a query generated to a site’s database.

For example:


The sure-fire way to identify dynamic URLs is that they contain special characters such as “?”, “&”, “%”, “=” and so on.

Most webmasters perceive dynamic URLs as a challenge to meet their digital marketing goals. Since they are long and bulky, dynamic URLs have lower click rates in search results, emails and social media sites. This is because a viewer cannot accurately pre-visualise what content the URL has to offer, until and unless he clicks on it. This is where the online URL Rewriting tool comes handy.

How the Url Rewritor Tool Works ?

The URL Rewriting tool consists of a single field and a “Submit” button. Enter the dynamic URL in the field. On submit, the tool generates a Single-Page and a Directory-Type URL along with an .htaccess file for each URL type. These files need to be embedded in the website source code.

Uses Url Rewritor Generator :

The URL Rewriting tool helps webmasters convert lengthy dynamic URLs into shorter static ones. The main problem this tool resolves is that end-users can easily remember static URLs because they are more comprehensible than their dynamic counterparts! What’s more they can also be bookmarked without expending extra effort to enter a bookmark title. The best advantage though of the URL Rewriting tool is that static URLs mean better search result ranking.

  • A rewrite engine is a software component that does rewriting on URL, modifying their appearance.
  • The URL Rewriting tool works only on dynamic URLs basically to convert them into short static ones.
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