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About Website Screenshot Generator

About the Tool

A screenshot or snapshot is nothing but an image of the contents displayed on a computer or mobile screen. So, simply put, the Website Screenshot Generator takes a snapshot or photograph of the contents of any URL on the World Wide Web, without you actually having to visit it. The image is an exact photographic replica of the contents of the defined URL. The image is displayed with the additional option of saving it to your local hard drive.

How the Tool Works

Taking a screenshot is simple. You only need to access the Website Screenshot Generator tool and enter the URL of the page you want to capture. On clicking the “Submit” button, the tool processes the contents of the URL and generates a photographic image of the webpage, complete with links, text, images and so on. Click the “Save the Screenshot” button to save the image as a JPEG file for future reference.


The Website Screenshot Generator is a great tool to observe the layout of your webpage, especially if it is still in the process of getting built. The tool is especially helpful for website / graphic designers who want to analyse the aesthetics and layout of the site in real time. Since the snapshots can be saved, a webmaster or designer can view several iterations of the web page and compare results. The saved snapshots can also be used to create marketing collaterals such as online brochures, flyers, banners, posters and other types of advertising material.