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WhoIs is a public directory of domains names, which contains detailed information about every website that exists on the internet. Some of the details contained in the information sheet includes but is not limited to:

  • Domain Ip status
  • Name, postal address and contact number of the registrant/administrator
  • E-mail ID of the registrant/administrator
  • Date of expiration of the domain
  • Registrar WhoIs server and URL
  • Name, postal address and telephone number of the web hosting company (or tech organisation)

All this information is accessible to anyone using the WhoIs Checker tool.

How the Whois website Owner Tool Works ?

The WhoIs Checker tool consists of a single field in which you can enter the URL of the website you want to look up. When you click the “Get WhoIs Data” button, the tool displays extensive information about the URL within a few seconds.

Please note that some web hosting sites like GoDaddy provide registrants and administrators the provision to conceal very private information such as telephone numbers and email addresses. In such cases, the WhoIs Checker tool will not display the secured information.

Who is Checker Uses

The WhoIs domain registry has, over time, become a vital component of online activities across the World Wide Web. People use this domain lookup tool for a variety of reasons. The most common use of the WhoIs Checker is for trading domain names. Companies or businesses that would like to have an already registered URL for themselves can track the registrant or administrator of the domain name and negotiate a deal with him. Since the WhoIs Checker also indicates the expiration of the domain name, buyers can place a bid for this name or contact the administrator/registrant directly to buy it.

SEO marketing companies can use the WhoIs Checker tool or who is lookup tool for their marketing campaigns. They can send promotional emails about their products or services and build contacts. Of course, most website owners would consider this as spamming, but if marketing is done diligently and within acceptable limits, it could boost the sales quotient of the advertiser.

Individuals can also use the WhoIs Checker to write to registrants/administrators giving their feedback, voicing concerns, or illustrating any issues with the website.

Who is Checker and Website Owner Check Tool Multitasking of Web Sites 

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