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About Word Counter Checker

As the name of the tool suggests, the Word Count Checker or Word Counter counts the number of words in a given piece of content. This free tool is not specifically connected to online marketing or search engine ranking like the Plagiarism Checker or Keyword Position Checker. It is a general tool that can be used by content writers or anybody else to check document word count.

How the Word Counter Tool Works ?

The Word Count Checker consists of a single text box into which you need to paste the content. Then, click the ‘Count Words’ button. The results are instantly displayed below. You can view the total number of words and also the total number of characters in the posted content. It is important to remember here that as a character counter, the tool includes punctuation marks and even spaces into its final count. So, let us say that you type three words containing four letters each. The Word Counter will take into consideration the two spaces between the words as well. The final character count would, therefore be 14 and not 12.

Uses of Word Counter Tool:

The Word Counter can be very helpful when writing articles that have to be of a particular fixed length. You can also confidently use the Word Counter to build tweets for Twitter, for which the exact character count is required.

Text counter and character words tool helps you to find the number of words and characters in a given piece of content.

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