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About www Redirect Checker

About the Tool

URL redirection is a technique used by many prominent companies to make a website available under one or more different URL addresses. Simply put, a redirected URL opens a web page with a URL that is different from the one that was entered.

URLs are redirected for a variety of reasons. The URL might have changed, shortened or become outdated or one or more links might be broken. URLs are also redirected to protect privacy and prevent phishing attacks. Sometimes, a user might enter a misspelled URL; therefore, redirection in such cases becomes a way of driving in necessary traffic.

The WWW Redirect Checker is therefore used to check whether or not redirection exists on a particular website.

How the Tool Works

To use the WWW Redirect Checker, enter the URL of your website in the field and click Submit. The tool will display the appropriate message depending upon whether the URL tests positive or negative for redirection.


The WWW Redirect Checker can help you build variations of your URL so that old or existing customers can find your website long after you have “moved” or changed your domain name. Using the redirect checker, you can also reserve other top level domains and make less popular domain extensions such as “.edu” or “.net” take the user to a “.com” domain.