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About XML Sitemap Generator

A Sitemap is an XML file which contains all the URLs in a website. The URLs could be links for different pages of the website or links pointing to external websites, images, videos and so on.


How the Xml Sitemap Generator Tool Works ?

Though the Sitemap uses XML, no programming is required to build it. Instead the XML Sitemap Generator can be used to quickly and effectively create an accurate Sitemap. This free Sitemap generator consists of six fields. First, type in the website URL for which you want to create the Sitemap in the “Enter a domain name” field. Set the remaining parameters for “modified date”, “Change frequency”, “Default priority” and “Pages to crawl”. Finally click the “Generate Sitemap” button. The tool displays the link that is being crawled and the XML Sitemap is displayed. It is recommended that the site is completely crawled before picking up the XML file. This is because the Sitemap also includes details of the number of pages and lists of links that are broken.

However, just creating the Sitemap is not the end of the story. Once the site has been crawled and the XML file created, use the “Save as XML File” button to download the Sitemap. Next, upload the Sitemap file into the root folder of your website. Finally, open your Google Webmaster Account and add the URL of your Sitemap.


Uses of Xml Sitemap :

Sitemaps are extremely useful for registering URLs into search engines to be crawled. This is especially true if the website contains many pages and there is a chance that the web crawlers might overlook some of the links. Through Sitemaps, web crawlers can also process rich multimedia content that is embedded on the site in the form of Silverlight or Flash animations, videos, etc. Webmasters can also use the XML Sitemap to include information about when a particular URL was last updated, number of times the website has been updated, and so on. The best use of a Sitemap is that it helps search engines index a given website.

Though Sitemaps have their importance, it would be wrong to think that they replace web crawlers deployed by search engines to discover URLs. Sitemaps also do not play any role in page ranking. However, they do help web crawlers learn about the structure of a particular website for any future crawling that takes place.

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