10 Ways to Make Email Marketing Work Strategies

Here are 10 ways to make work for Email Marketing Strategies.

With 269 billion emails sent every day, email marketing is clearly a very popular, albeit a very competitive marketing strategy. Making it work can often be tricky because in general emails do not offer the same amount of impressions as a social media website might, and also because with such a competitive market, it is very necessary to know how exactly to draw in your target audience and keep them interested.

An email marketing strategy or campaign is basically a business organisation reaching out to their potential or already existing customer base through emails, with the end goal to have them engage, take action and help with further leads and sales. Here are 10 ways to hit all the right buttons with email marketing:

  1. Build a specific target list: The very first step of email marketing is to curate a list of target leads who might be interested in whatever your business has to offer. The most efficient way to get relevant target audience is to convert your web page visitors into subscribers. To make sure that the visitors do not leave your site without considering signing up for the newsletter, exit-intent popups can be proved helpful.
  2. Goal-oriented marketing: Just like having a clear sight of your target audience is important in this marketing method, it is equally important to have a clear idea of your goals with the marketing. Some typical goals of a business would include-gaining new subscribers, sparking re-interest in old subscribers, increasing engagement, streamlining different categories of subscribers for more specific marketing.
  3. Use different email types: There are different kinds of emails that a business has to have a understanding of to ensure maximum engagement. Depending on your goal and target audience, you can send promotional emails, relational emails or transactional emails.
  4. Have a clear understanding of your audience: Make use of analytical tools like Google analytics or facebook insight data to closely study your audience behaviour and the patterns. The data will help you design more customised emails that will bring in more prospects through the marketing campaign.
  5. Make use of technology: Using email marketing services for this type of strategy is not new. But it is important to keep your priorities in mind while choosing an email marketing tool. The basic features that one should always look for include: automation, templates, easily integrates with your platform, provides detailed analytics of the campaign’s performance.
  6. Include engaging optins:Optin forms help a great deal with increasing audience engagement by grabbing attention and getting people to sign up. Welcome gates, exit-intent popups or lightbox popups are some of the options to be considered.
  7. Plan and follow-up: It is not enough to curate list of target audiences for your email marketing campaign. A business should also plan their emails according to their consumer base, in a way that is certain to grab attention. Apart from what type of emails you want to send out, it is also important to plan their frequency, the content inside and what call for action you need to be added.
  8. Subject line: A spot on subject line can do more for your email marketing than an elaborate email with no relevant subject. Whether people will open your email or not depends completely on how relevant and irresistible you can make your subject line.
  9. Writing the copy: Writing your email marketing copy would require you to keep things short and letting people get familiarised with the content before pitching your offer to ensure best results. Addressing subscribers by their names and involving personal stories or values, as well as including interactive material like polls or gifs are guaranteed to up your engagement level.
  10. Experiment and Monitor: In email marketing, testing is the key- in everything including the layout, design, subject line and content. With these experimentations, tracking the performance of each new type of email is also important in order to understand what is working and what is not.

A common misconception about this marketing strategy is that email marketing is an old or dead method of marketing. Whereas in reality a huge chunk of both adults and teenagers use email regularly. In fact, the number of email users is considerably higher than the number of users on famous social media platforms. In 2019, Instagram has reported 1 Billion active users monthly whereas in 2018, over 3.8 billion email users were recorded, which roughly amounts to half of the world population. Hence, when harnessed properly, email marketing can prove to be extremely beneficial to businesses.

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