Can SAP consultant survive in the future? Prospects and Career Paths

Among IT consulting, SAP related projects and professionals with experience in it are high in demand. SAP with the world’s highest share in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Those who have experience in SAP consulting as well as those who have experience in business system consulting also have a career path called “SAP consultant’ with enhanced expertise. However, you may be worried about whether SAP share trends and SAP-related project projects will increase in the future. In particular, the so-called “2025 problem” is currently a hot topic in SAP. Therefore, we summarized the prospects and needs of SAP consultants and how to deal with the 2025 problem!

What SAP Consultant Do?

The main business of SAP consultants is support for new SAP introductions. In the case of SAP, which relates to a wide range of corporate management systems such as accounting, human resources, inventory management, and sales management, the scope of consulting is not just IT system development but is related to overall corporate management. Understand the current business issues after understanding the company’s management status. 

As the number of companies introducing SAP increases, there are cases where not only support for implementation but also consulting such as support for SAP upgrades after development, additional system development, and linkage with other IT systems. There are also new SAP introduction seminars, and it seems that there are many consultants who have acquired new knowledge using seminars. 

Recently, SAP is focusing on AI technology. It can be utilized to digitize a variety of information of the house of the strengths of ERP is, but the machine learning function of AI. The number of cases where such applications are incorporated into projects is likely to increase in the future.

Skills and Qualifications Required for Sap Consultants

It goes without saying that SAP consultants need knowledge of SAP products as well as the industry they belong to. However, it is not enough to be an SAP consultant. As an upstream manager, SAP consultants are required to have general management problem-solving skills and workload. It is necessary to analyze the client’s demands and to propose improvement using objective data.

In order to become an SAP consultant, it is common practice to gain experience in SAP implementation projects at consulting firms. In some cases, engineers with ERP development experience may advance their careers to consultants (however, as a consultant, development experience is not essential). Recently, people who have introduced and operated ERP systems such as SAP as members of the introducing company are consulted as engineers or consultants.

Of course, there are cases where the client is considering other products than SAP. Depending on from which stage consulting is requested, if you have a wealth of knowledge and experience about ERP products from other companies, you may be involved in the proposal phase prior to the introduction of IT systems. In order to become such a human resource, it is necessary to voluntarily participate in various study sessions and to constantly update information.

Can I become independent as an SAP consultant?

SAP certified consultant qualification is highly evaluated as skill proof, making use of the qualification independent of consulting firm. Some people are active as freelancers. Being freelance also has the advantage of being involved in the projects you want to do and increasing your income. 

Future Of SAP Consultant

When thinking about the future of SAP consultant, you may be interested in the share of SAP. According to 2016 ERP world share data, SAP is about 7%, which holds the top position behind Oracle and Microsoft. Revenue from SAP’s ERP products reached $5.6 billion. In fact, SAP has been focusing not only on large companies but also on small and medium-sized companies.

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