How to Make Quizzes for Online Marketing?

If you have spent a decent amount of time on the internet, you must be familiar with entities like “choose your favourite movie characters and we will tell you what type of a pizza you are” or “design your wedding venue and we will tell you when you should get married”. Yes, we are talking about quizzes. Online quizzes are a brilliant online marketing strategy for increasing engagement, customer intimacy and brand visibility. Your target audience might not want to click on the fancy ads that you present to them but there are very few millennials who can resist the good old fun of quizzes. After all who does not want to know what type of a pizza they are?

But all fun aside, as a marketing strategy, quizzes can bring you a huge traffic. According to a 2015 study conducted by BuzzSumo with over 100 million social media shares stretching out through a time period of eight months, amidst the top ten articles that were shared, eight were online quizzes. Among those the top three quizzes have garnered over a million shares within 10 months. All these numbers point to one real fact- quizzes can bring exposure to an organization like nothing else.

But what goes into making a quiz really engaging and entertaining, in a way that brings more visibility to the brand? Well, there are a few key factors that are to be kept in mind while designing these quizzes, which include:

  • Content:It is important to make the content as relevant as possible- both to the organization and for the audience. Play to your niche and choose topics that are connected to the business. While curating a quiz, it is necessary to think from the audience’s perspective- to not only understand what will engage them with the quiz but by extension what will draw them to the brand as well.
  • Easy to share:Adding a call to action at the end of the quiz always helps in creating more engagement. When the audience is done with the quiz, provide them with a quick link asking them to share the quiz. Make it share-able with just one or two clicks. But beware of making it too spam-like, which may drive your audience away.
  • Images:Visual graphics are always important to engage and retain audience interest in any content. When you include pictures corresponding to the quiz options, it is more likely to bring in more sustained engagement. The more relevant pictures, the more the conversation. Also, before using pictures, check the copyright claims and whether you are allowed to use them legally or not. Otherwise it can sabotage your whole quiz.
  • Keep it short: The quiz should not be so long as to make audience lose their interest midway. Besides, the options should be easy enough to choose from. The idea is to make it fun and entertaining. Add a handful of easy, interesting questions and at the end of it redirect them to your sales or subscription page.
  • Positive results: People are more likely to share your quiz when they get positive results. Funny and relevant results also make people want to share it with their circle. But never assign any negative result, as that may discourage your audience to share it.
  • Language: The language of the quiz should be simple and playful. When people are taking these online quizzes, they do not want to spend a lot of time trying to understand what is going on. Hence, keep it short and easy.

Online quizzes not only help generate more traffic to your website, but it also creates new leads. When more and more people share it, there is a chance of it snowballing and bringing new opportunities. Quizzes are also a great way to collect customer data and conduct surveys without really making it as boring. It also increases the rate of response from the normal surveys. The accumulated data can be harnessed by the organization to then sell personalised products to the customers, which obviously up the chances of sale. The best platforms to conduct these quizzes would be social media (Facebook, twitter, Instagram), the organization’s own blog, emails and even through paid advertisements.

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