Importance of Internal Linking and Key Points to Remember

Link building is an evergreen SEO technique, as external linking of your website to the other website may not be in your hands, internal linking has an inevitable role to play when it comes to ranking your website in the first page results.

Internal linking navigates the bots through the in-depths of your website.

It helps the users get a sneak peek into the untouched yet associated content of your website.

A simple illustration inspired from my own experience is that of the weight loss blogs, providing diet tips and exercising benefits.

One fine day, when I was exploring the weight loss benefits of drinking green tea on the internet, I stumbled upon this article regarding the surprising benefits flax seeds have to offer for weight loss.

It was an in-article link which directed me to a page containing interesting info about flax seeds and their impact on weight loss.

Now, it was a strategic internal linking in regards to its location within the content and its relevancy to my search query which in the end was about weight loss, also not to forget the engaging content.

This is how internal linking helps provide the right platform to convey your knowledge in attribution to similar topics of the search query made by the user.

It also provides an insight into the linked topics located within your website that may feed the needs of the end user.

This not only helps retain the website visitors for a considerable time period but also helps them associate with your brand, increasing their trust thus providing you with valuable customers.

Internal linking can be considered as a route map to all the deep-rooted topics of your website, enabling the Google bots get a clear and comprehensive picture of your website’s overall structure.

On the other hand, internal link building, adds value to your content providing wealthy content loved by the crawlers, making it irresistible for the automated semantic search based Google Algorithms to top rank your website.     

Now that you have understood the importance of internal linking, here are the Key Takeaways

  • Linkable Content

One must always find compatible means of linking suitable pieces of context.

This also helps in grouping similar topics of a particular digging the layers of relatable information for the users as well as the search bots.

  • Site Structure and Content Hierarchy

The importance of site architecture and content hierarchy has been discussed earlier.

As site structuring into keyword-based content silos not only eases the process of website ranking but also helps uncover the topics providing better understanding of the subject.

In case of e-commerce websites, inclusion of product category pages with sub-categories aids in superior user experience.

  • Identification of the Main Content

The main content also known as cornerstone content must consist of as many internal links possible.

As this helps the Google bots identify your main topic providing search results in accordance with it.

  • Page Relevancy

When an internal link doesn’t direct to relevant page content, the user simply tends to turn down from the page.

In order to avoid such website bounces one must pursue proper internal linking between relevant pages.

  • Linking to Latest and High Ranked Posts

Latest updates are always eye-catching, with higher chances of instant indexing.

Thus providing links to similar blog posts in latest updates section of your website helps transfer the link juice and page authority.

  • Anchor Text Optimization

Over optimization of anchor text refers to the keyword stuffing of the anchor text.

This implies to the use of repeated keywords for every anchor text link.

As Google has now updated it’s perception of anchor text in context to the surrounding content of the anchor text.

  • Proper use No-follow links

Certain pages like the log in pages have lower page ranks

, in such cases no-follow links act as the saviors to prevent the slump of your higher page rankings.


The homepage of your website has the highest page rank.

Keeping this in mind, it is essential to incorporate quality internal links in the homepage of your website.

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