Increasing Demand for Salesforce jobs Compelling People to Choose this Career

The demand for salesforce jobs has surged in recent times and there is no doubt that it is one of the appealing skills to have on one’s resume. Thus before beginning a career as a salesforce job executive, here are the various parameters that one must check out. Let’s begin.

Importance of sales force:

  • The ultimate goal of any business is to gain scalable profits and generate handsome revenue .so for this to happen, it is extremely crucial to gain good sales. As sales form the pivot of a successful business, it is much needed for a business in these days to keep up with the incessant and variable demands of the customers only possible through well managed sales.
  • In today’s fast-paced world of technological advacements where everything changes in an instant, customers get to choose from a variety of options in the market .thus every business including giant corporates to local enterprises need an efficient salesforce team to execute their sales effectively.

Role of a Salesforce team:

  • The basic role of a salesforce team is to generate beneficial sales that bring income and revenue to the business.
  • To create brand awareness among more and more customers and drive the sales forward.
  • To engage with customers of different localities and tastes.
  • To realize the interests of the customers and understand their preferences.
  • To identify the target audience in favor of various parameters such as age, gender, nationality, etc.
  • To obtain new customers and keep their trust through regular follow-ups.
  • To constantly re-engage with the existing customers through discounts, coupons, and other exciting offers.
  • To be open to the feedback and suggestions of the customers.
  • To keep an update of the varying technological trends and act accordingly.
  • To possess sufficient marketing and sales knowledge.
  • To keep a record of the customer testimonials and reviews from time to time.
  • To maintain an analytic review of the sales and customer relationships.

Types of Salesforce representatives:

  • Field representatives:
  • Also known as outside field representatives.
  • Work independently to generate sales.
  • Their job requires them to travel to the targeted customers location and demonstrate the product.
  • This type of salesforce job therefore could be physically demanding.
  • Telemarketers:
  • Also known as inside sales representatives.
  • work by talking on the telephone to their respective customers or by making appointments for the customers to meet them in person.

Qualities a Salesforce representative must possess:

  • Confidence: this includes the way you dress up, the way you behave and the way you speak. As this can affect the way the audience look up to the brand.
  • Passion to sell: this is of utmost importance as this acts as the fuel to your fire and keeps you racing even when you feel like giving up.
  • Appreciable communication skills: one must possess good communicative skills in order to be able to convey the information in an impressive way to the customer thus earning their trust.
  • Adaptive to changes: identifying the need to accept and adapt to the changes in technologies such as the applications and tools used, plays a key role in improving the sales for the business.
  • Patience: as the job of a salesforce executive could be physically tiring in case of field representatives it requires patience.
  • Positive attitude: sometimes certain customers may be uninterested or reject the product or maybe even ask for assurances such as quality standards, guarantee cards or public opinions .hence having an optimistic attitude is a must.

Statistics that assure the importance of Salesforce jobs

as per the IDC white paper sponsored by salesforce – “the salesforce economy forecast”- October 2017.

  • There will be around 3.3 million salesforce jobs by 2022.
  • There have been up to three million salesforce app exchange installations which constitute about 2700 applications being used by nearly 88% of Salesforce customers.
  • It is evaluated that there will be around 859 billion dollars in new business revenues by 2022.
  • Almost 89% of fortune companies have at least one app exchange application installed.
  • Today majority of the companies from large scale to small scale prefer salesforce for generating revenue. This has therefore immensely increased the need for Salesforce administrators and developers.

Different industries providing Salesforce jobs:

  1.   financial services
  2.   manufacturing
  3.   retail
  4.   communications and media
  5.   government
  6.   health and life sciences

        Designations of Salesforce jobs:

  1. Salesforce administrators
  2. Salesforce developers
  3. Salesforce technical architect
  4. Salesforce business analyst
  5. Salesforce marketing manager
  6. Salesforce sales manager
  7. Salesforce consultant

So is it worth choosing Salesforce as your career??

Well undoubtedly yes, as each and every business runs on sales, at the end of the day no matter how excellent the management the product has to not only reach the customers but also fulfill their needs. All of this ultimately lies in the hands of a salesforce team.

Also, since people from diverse backgrounds such as experienced professionals to fresh graduates including bba, bca, btech, mba, mca, mtech as well as people without it graduation can take up this career option and boost their resumes.

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