Link Building Techniques and Factors

Link Building – Linking is always the key for a strategic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which attributes several factors such as the following:

  • Domain Authority
  • Page Authority
  • Web Traffic
  • Brand Awareness and Reach
  • Website Ranking on the top SERP (Search Engine Result Page)

Link Value, on the other hand, implies the quality score of that link as to how much value it adds to your website along with the other principles.

To begin with, linking is basically of two types:

  • Internal linking
  • External linking or backlinks

Before beginning with the elements contributing to link value, there are certain terms in external linking to acknowledge, these being

  1. Link Authority: Linking to websites with higher domain authority builds better link authority.
  2. Link Juice: It refers to the transfer of this link authority from one website to another.

Hence one must always keep in mind to provide quality backlinks to high domain authority websites.

As this shall determine the ranking factor of your website, making it to the top the SERPs.

Since the entire destiny of your website is grounded on linking, it is essential to define the aspects affecting the valuable link value…

  • External linking wins the race

Firstly to begin with, external linking is considered to have greater link value when compared to internal linking, which stands far behind in the competition.

Therefore is external links are always welcome by the search engines.

  • The More Diverse the More Better

          As the saying goes, “unity in diversity”, use of multiple and unique   

          links. This simply means that when you provide links from   

different websites relating to the same organization, it is easily sniffed by the search engines.

          This may have an unwanted affect on your link values.

Hence it is always preferred to use unique and non repetitive links which are better valued by the search engines.

  • Recurrent Linking

When you drop a link in particular website, this shall always carry a higher link value than any other links which follows it.

This simply means that when you drop two different links in a similar website, this first link will always posses a greater value.

  • Keyword-Based Anchor Text

The anchor text relevancy and the kind of words you include in your anchor text speak a lot about your link building skills.

It is with the help of this anchor text that you convey the importance of the respective links to the search engines, in regard to their positioning in the content of your website.

This is because the search engines always cherish the links that seem more relevant to the topic and the context in which they are placed.

Let us take an example of “digital marketing”, when this anchor text directs you to a page providing information regarding digital marketing it is considered relevant.

On the other hand, if it opens up a page with online shopping portals, that would just result in a complete misfit….maybe compelling the user to bounce back from your website.

This can have an array of negative consequences such as reduced ranking in the search engines.

Guess what?? Your website would never love to be bounced, isn’t it..!!

  • In-article links:

Links integrated within the content of your website are looked after well by the search engines in comparison to the links to the in the footer section or the side bar navigation of your website.

As the links provided in these sections are taken as promotional links with less authority.

Whereas, the in-context links have an editorial authority aligned with the article.

  • Diminishing Link Value:

Sad but true, time tapers the link value with new links having a higher authority over the old ones.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Spammy links:
  2. Inclusion of spammy links may drop down your SEO scores drastically or worse get de-indexed.
  3. This is when you backlink to spammy pages that hit your site authority.
  1. Overlinking:
  2. Having too many links in one page may lead to link dilution cutting down the link value.

Though there is no particular count for over linking, linking on a moderate and readable basis is always the best choice.

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