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As per the information available on the official DJI website, the maximum flight time by Phantom 3’s Intelligent Flight Battery is 23 minutes. It is a high-performance battery to attach intelligent to the name of the battery. It automatically stops the power supply when fully charged (so far) and it is possible to check the voltage status and remaining capacity of each cell in real time within the DJI Pilot app.

Intelligent Flight Battery not only balanced charging, it is an excellent battery that autonomously checks the state and adjusts the voltage. The other fantastic about this battery is a sudden drop in voltage when the battery capacity is low

DJI Phantom 3 Intelligent Flight Battery is one of the most necessary accessories that will allow you to continue your flight as quickly as possible by simply replacing a discharged battery for a DJI Phantom 3 quad copter with an equally charged spare one.

The performance of Phantom 3’sintelligent flight battery is greatly affected by the operating not only. When used in a low-temperature environment (-20° C to 5° C), the state load is applied to the battery, which may adversely affect the flight. Phantom 3 Battery heater reduces this adverse effect generated in the lowtemperature environment by warming the battery to the temperature (5° C or higher) suitable for use, to make the best performance of the battery.

The majority of drone multicopters sold for hobby use are batteries called lithium polymer (Li-Po) batteries. When you start operating the drone it is not normal to be concerned about the handling of the battery, it is normal to charge it fully with the built-in charger, flight to disconnect the battery, charge … and so on.

How to Use

  • Gently warm up the battery until the battery temperature reaches 35 ° C.
  • Battery heater consumes 3 to 7% of battery power during heating process.
  • The heater continues to drain the battery power until it stops.
  • When the target temperature is reached, please turn off the battery to prevent discharge.
  • Please use it immediately after removing it from the battery heater.

Battery Management

Intelligent Flight Battery can check the status of the voltage on the application. It is also possible to automatically check the voltage state and self-discharge by the set timing. Perhaps the initial value is set to about 10 days. It is possible to set self-discharge timing (automatically discharging to the appropriate battery capacity when the set date has passed) from the following.

 DJI Pilot app> Settings on the right> Intelligent Flight Battery> Self discharge


  • Fully charge the battery and attach it to the battery heater with the power off.
  • Turn on the battery and wait for about 10 to 15 minutes until the heater body warms up.
  • Turn off the battery and leave the battery in the battery heater for about 3 minutes. The battery is now ready.

* Actual operating time differs depending on the environment to be used.


Phantom 3 Intelligent FlightBattery is compatible with Standard, Advanced, Professional and 4K models ofDJI drones. Activities and weather conditions can warm the battery up over the optimal working temperature. One should be aware of guidelines in the manual in order to prevent mistreatment and possible harm to yourself or the battery. DJI has added four LED panels which provide necessary information about the battery status and the charging left. This helps you to remind when to plug it into charger. The battery‘s charging and smart discharging features will enable the user to protect battery from voltage fluctuations.

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