SAP Aims to be Next-Generation CRM by Introducing C/4HANA


In annual conference ‘Sapphire Now 2018’ SAP announced “C/4HANA” of CRM suite. The SAP Hybris brand has virtually ended, with a suite of commerce, marketing, and other products previously delivered under the SAP Hybris brand. C/4HANA is not a new product. Most of them are technologies from Hybris (which has since been acquired in 2013) (then “SAP Hybris”).

There are 5 main components

  1. SAP Customer Data Cloud
  2. SAP Sales Cloud
  3. SAP Commerce Cloud
  4. SAP Marketing Cloud
  5. SAP Service Cloud

 In addition to cooperation with the back office, it also features ‘reliability’ that emerges in the data misappropriation problem of GDPR and Facebook. Here, SAP acquired Gigya in 2017 and named it SAP Customer Data Cloud, a first-party and second-party customer data system. It is assumed that marketing based on agreement can be provided. In addition, the suite was completed by the acquisition of Core systems announced at Callidus Software and Sapphire in January 2018.

What is SAP’s CRM Suite “C/4HANA”?

SAP announced “C/4HANA”. C is Customer C, a suite of CRM products such as sales, commerce, and marketing. In naming that will be paired with the flagship “S / 4 HANA”, the point where the back end and front office are connected based on “SAP HANA” will be the greatest differentiation.

Through on-premises, cloud point solutions, etc., the fourth generation becomes a complete customer management suite based on trust.  Relationships with customers are a management issue. Customer journeys become omni-channel journeys, and point solutions like simply sales and marketing cannot provide the entire experience. You need a suite with integrated functionality to build and manage trusted relationships in context.

What will happen to the “SAP Hybris” brand?

The Hybris brand is a strong brand among existing customers, but it could not be said that it is well known elsewhere. SAP emphasizes this market and named it “C/4HANA” following “S / 4 HANA” (* SAP’s main ERP product). The Hybris brand has decided not to use it from now on. The market (CRM) is important, and SAP is committed to the strategy of an integrated suite. Only the SAP can realize that the client realizes the back end seamlessly.

What is C/4HANA product system?

Consists of five clouds: SAP Marketing Cloud, SAP Commerce Cloud, SAP Service Cloud, SAP Sales Cloud, and SAP Customer Data Cloud. Among these, Marketing is based on SAP’s technology built on SAP HANA (* SAP’s database technology), and Commerce is good at Hybris. Sales, which help sales reps advance complex sales scenarios, customer service and field service services, and the last Customer Data Cloud, which includes the previously acquired Gigya technology, are important for interacting with customers based on trust It becomes technology.

In addition to sales originally developed by SAP, Callidus Software’s technology, which was acquired this year, will also be added. Callidus has technologies such as sales performance management and configuration / price / quoting management (CPQ), and it becomes possible to analyze customer engagement with machine learning.


The idea of ​​C/4HANA is to present a new CRM paradigm that combines the CRM front end with the company’s S / 4HANA digital core ERP back end. The paradigm is provided by ‘SAP Cloud Platform’. This provides an environment where S / 4 HANA can process trusted master data of the core ERP at a speed that allows companies to think more comprehensively about their customers and still be ahead of the competition.

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