SAP HANA Technology for Real-Time Big Data Utilization

SAP has been making full-scale efforts to accelerate the real-time business of its customers since 2011. In addition to the fields such as ERP and BI, SAP is expanding its business in the fields of cloud, mobility, and database. Above all, SAP HANA has shown rapid growth since it started as an in-memory database in 2010, and is promoting developments such as the integration of OLAP / OLTP and the creation of a new ecosystem by partnering with partners. The SAP HANA environment is available on the premises as well as in the cloud and hybrids. You can freely choose the implementation method at any time and flexibly change it according to the situation. – Big data

What is Big Data?

It refers to huge amounts of complex data sets that traditional data processing and data management applications cannot handle. With the advent of mobile and IoT technologies, people are generating more data (location, social apps, fitness apps, etc.) and accessing digital data on devices, making it more common.

It is also a general term that refers to the collection, analysis and use of vast amounts of digital information to improve operations. As datasets continue to grow and applications become more real-time and it processing are increasingly moving to the cloud.             

Merit of Big Data

To process this, one need software for processing large volumes of data, such as RDBMS (relational database) and NoSQL. And if such a system with high processing power and data management ability is introduced, it will also be possible to perform analysis that could not be done before. A collection of a large amount of information, and a collection of such information organized in an easy-to-use form, is called a ‘database’. In addition, when searching on Google etc., by storing and analyzing the information about what the user searched about, it is possible to display an advertisement that matches the person’s interest and interest. And the more information you accumulate, the more clearly you can analyze.

SAP HANA which Realizes Real-Time Big Data Utilization Easily

 The process to solve business problems using it is as follows. First, collect data to understand what is happening, analyze why it happened, predict what will happen next, and finally show what the best measure is. SAP HANA is equipped with a statistical analysis engine, and executes in real time the process from understanding the current situation to analysis and forecasting, and making it possible for the business to make use of it. This makes it possible to make it easy for anyone, even if it would have required significant investment or time in the past.

 It is a distribution framework ‘Hadoop’ has made it use more advanced in many companies. However, when connecting this with core business data represented by SAP ERP, and trying to obtain further insights, the ‘difference in data structure’ becomes a problem. ERP data needs to be accessed by SQL, and Hadoop’s data analysis often uses open source languages ​​such as Scala and R. Therefore, it is difficult to exchange data between the two.


SAP HANA is a core platform of SAP at SAP. It is described in Forrester’s report as breaking up the translytical workload”. The platform supports a wide variety of use cases, including real-time applications, analytics, translitical applications, insight systems, and advanced analytics. There are SAP’s “SAP S / 4HANA” and “SAP Business Suite” as transliteral applications available. However, the report warns that there is a possibility that “SAP will become over-spec for companies that do not feel a great need for transliteral”. Some companies believe that SAP products are more expensive than other less functional products.

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