SAP Subsidiary Launches Latest Version of SAP HANA In Memory Database

SAP subsidiaries are now providing the latest version of the cloud and on-premises enhancements for the in-memory database “SAP HANA” on April 18, 2019.  The latest version is enhanced cloud support, support for Intel Optane DC Persistent memory, intelligent recommendation to streamline database management, new machine learning capabilities, it includes hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) certification, improved cost-effective data tiering, and enhanced data security.

These new features greatly improve performance, allowing all users instant access to critical data to take advantage of in-memory computing.  SAP HANA is a cost-effective extension that allows customers to run applications in a multi-cloud, hybrid, and on-premises environment by increasing the flexibility and choice of data management. In the latest version, increased memory capacity improves application performance while enhancing data tiering with the new “SAP HANA native Storage Extension” and “Intel Optane DC Support for persistent memory to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).

Intel’s new persistent memory technology delivers increased data capacity, reduced platform TCO, and faster insights. Also, a single system can store more virtual machines, which significantly reduces the hardware required. SAP HANA is the first major data management platform optimized for this groundbreaking innovation and is complemented by improved data tiering capabilities. This reduces SAP HANA recovery time, leads to minimized planning and unplanned downtime, and reduces cloud operating costs while enabling a highly resilient application environment.

In addition, the new Python and R machine learning APIS provide direct access to SAP HANA data and advanced in-database machine learning capabilities while working in a familiar environment for data scientists. For database administrators, provide intelligent recommendations for SQL optimization and data tiering. SAP HANA is the first data platform to anonymize personal information in real time without duplication, and this enhancement will provide end-to-end data privacy management.

In addition, it offers a wide range of multi-cloud support and advanced flexibility for cloud, hybrid, and on-premises environments. SAP has been certified by SAP HANA for the HCI provider to provide the agility of cloud-based infrastructure in all landscapes, and by supporting an advanced approach to data virtualization It is said that the characteristics of SAP HANA will be further enhanced to connect seamlessly wherever the data is.

Visualize Data on SAP HANA in HANA Studio

SAP Hana provides a TOOL called Hana Studio for Operations and development. You can check the status of a database, manipulate data using SQL, create procedures, and many more. One of the features of HANA Studio is the ability to view charts. You can use this feature to visualize the data that is stored in a database. In this article, we will focus on the function and how it can be visualized and how it can be seen.

Facilitates Access to Transient Data & Enhances Its Usefulness

SAP opens new possibilities for business as a transitive data platform. The most important thing about SAP S / 4HANA is not only the speed of the underlying SAP HANA in-memory processing function. It will also be important to be able to access translital data and make it readily available. Shibatsen explains that the key is the SAP Fiori user experience (UX). SAP HANA is a core platform of SAP at SAP. The platform supports a wide variety of use cases, including real-time applications, analytics, translitical applications, insight systems, and advanced analytics. There are SAP’s “SAP S / 4HANA” and “SAP Business Suite” as transliteral applications available. However, according to a report it warns that there is a possibility that “SAP will become over-spec for companies that do not feel a great need for transliteral”. Some companies believe that SAP products are more expensive than other less functional products.

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